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Posted by samsonloftin - September 9th, 2008

Posted by samsonloftin - August 7th, 2008

Listen to my friend's awesome song he uploaded to the Portal

Previous known as Hylian-Mafia


Q: Why SamIam(Long version)
A: Well first off I wanted to have my name in my username, but I didn't want it to just be Samson cause that is boring. So I kept thinking and thinking the name that kept popping into my head was SamIam. I tried to find another name, but that name just kept ringing in my head. So I decided yea, I'll go with SamIam. Also if you notice SamIam is from a Dr. Seuss book. My first and personal favorite out of the Dr. Seuss library is Green Eggs and Ham. So I was thinking well my username is somewhat original and meaningful and decided to go with SamIam.

Q: Why SamIam(Short version)
A: Wanted something more original and something that relates to me.

Q: How does SamIam relate to you
A: Read the long version of Why SamIam

Q: But Hylian-Mafia was sooo Cool.
A: The unoriginal name got really old and I didn't like carrying around a name called Hylian-Mafia when really I am not a flash group just a flash artist.

Q: SamIam is such a gay name, and inspiration from Dr. Seuss pathetic.
A: Hey, I like the name and Green Eggs and Ham is a great book.

Q: What happens to GammabyteStudios?
A: GammabyteStudios will still exist.

Q: What's with Gammabyte Studios?
A: Gammabyte studios will have things you won't find on Newgrounds Comics, Videos, exclusive animations, podcasts, etc. Just imagine Gammabyte Studios as a Publishing company and SamIam is the developer company.

Q: You suck at using Tweens
A: I don't use tweens, I keyframe sometimes I use tweens, but not for character movement.

Q: Your very hypocritical when something pop up
A: I know it is a curse....Sometimes I say something then later my opinion changes about the subject and say something completely different.


New Username! & FAQ

Posted by samsonloftin - July 13th, 2008

I was looking through the Obituaries to find my old blammed submissions. I thought I had two blammed submissions because I supposedly released them on the same day, but later I remembered that I decided not to release the other one after this one was blammed. Anyways after like an 15 minutes of searching and calculating events that happened after the blammed submission. I finally found my Dress-Up Stick game, my first submission I ever released on Newgrounds.


Although I never tried to make this stick game good. Anyways around October I started working on Connection.

Posted by samsonloftin - July 8th, 2008

Well I was browsing Gametrailers and stumbled across an Q & A session with David Hayter at AX 2008. I am not going to spoil the video....Watch it yourself

Video has been updated to just feature Rina-Chan and Egoraptor

/* */
Watch the full Q & A here:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3(Thanks SgtPepperClock)

Newgrounders who went to AX 2008
Egoraptor, Tomamoto, Princess Aurora, Rina-Chan, Nalem, Spanio, Wonchop, RubberNinja, Sirevil

Posted by samsonloftin - June 1st, 2008

An Interview about Castle Smashers!

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Posted by samsonloftin - May 14th, 2008

3 days ago I hop on my computer one day and decided to buy items from the store. So I bought a Tankmen: Tank Chase shirt and a Tankmen figure waited 3 days and the package finally arrived . Woo yea me I ripped it open and discovered another box with a shirt under it and found a tankload of those package peanut things. Anyways I opened the other box and found a Tankmen figure and let me tell you it is pretty awesome although I didn't really like the platform the figure was standing on. So I took it off and now I have Sergeant John Captain standing on my computer desk staring at me. My money was well spent. =)

Film Festival Award
Some may have heard that my teacher submitted my Hydroelectric Documentary in a film festival a month ago. Well I finally recieved the results and I won in Environmental Excellence so my animation will be featured in the winners reel dvd and amazingly I'm the first person at my school to win an award at the film festival so I was excited.

I have been slacking on movie watching. So I constructed a list of movies I want to see this month.

Forbidden Kingdom (Saw it and it was awesome )
Speed Racer (It looks like the movie ruined the series, but I am going to find out on my own)
Iron Man (Sadly, I haven't seen it yet)
Indiana Jones (Almost out)
88 Minutes (The one with Al Pacino)

Other News
Not working on any animations because I am preparing for my final which is coming up soon.

Group Picture which features Tankmen Figure Platform, Captain, My award, and stickers.

I just bought stuff from the NG Store!

Posted by samsonloftin - April 28th, 2008

Woah, never would have thought this school project would have gotten a Daily First and Frontpage. It is my first Daily 1st and first front page submission so thanks to everyone who was voting. Anyways the animation was originally suppose to be a live-action Documentary on the Pros of Hydroelectricity, but being the lazy person I am. I decided to postpone the filming so my Multimedia teacher comes up to me and tells me to animate this Hydroelectric documentary. So I do and he submits it to a film festival which I get the results this Friday May 2nd and I submit it into Newgrounds.

Hydroelectric Documentary

Now I was surprise to see so many people enjoying an educational animation even though this documentary was all about the Pros and not the Cons of Hydroelectricity. So this will give me more motivation to work more on my next education flash. The Hindenburg which will be a historical animation about The Hindenburg although this animation won't be serious it will be more of a historical comedy. With a storyline and all that jazz.

On an unrelated note, I recently went to go see Forbidden Kingdom and let me tell you it was awesome and I highly suggest checking out Robert Winchester's new flash I hate MAC ads one of the best PC vs Mac parodies.

Below is an picture of The Hindenburg. You may notice swastikas on the tail fins of The Hindenburg because the Nazi Party helped fund the construction of The Hindenburg because Hugo Eckener need the money to finish building this creation.

Hydroelectric Documentary

Posted by samsonloftin - April 13th, 2008

++Newgrounds Watermarks++

So your worried that your animations might be posted on some other site uncredited. Maybe you want viewers on Youtube and other sites to realize that your animations don't belong on Youtube, but that it belongs on Newgrounds. The Newgrounds Watermarks will help prevent these problems.

Several NG Users are also upset about content from Newgrounds being taken and placed on Youtube uncredited. The Artist who brought the most attention to this issue was Egoraptor.

So I put together Newgrounds Watermarks to help prevent this problem. Now I know this isn't going to fully prevent "Rippers" from stealing the animations, but it will hopefully make people realize that "Hey, I love this person's work maybe I should go visit Newgrounds to see more". Or something on those lines because I am pretty sick and tried of seeing people stealing animations then posting it on Youtube without crediting anyone.

Is it efficient?
The NG Watermarks are transparent, but visible and you'll be able to see and enjoy the animations without being distracted by them.

Watermark 1

Watermark 2

Watermark 3

My Watermarks have been used in several animations of my own and others.

Did you kill that

Freedom Freeway
Oooo A Tankie

You can even Tint these NG Watermarks and it will still be in good quality.


The NG Watermarks credits go to Newgrounds of course because I used the NG graphics. I am going to admit these aren't hard to create. I've seen some artists use watermarks in their animations.

Most recent animation I recall having a watermark was Another Day 8

I have placed a tutorial in the .fla files on how to use them and what happens if I am using a black background.

Download the Watermarks:

Flash CS3

Flash 8

Come guys help support. Newgrounds content shouldn't be on Youtube!
Metal Gear Awesome is Not on Youtube

Questions and Answers

Q: Why did you post this on the forums if you posted it in a New posts.
A: Well some NG users really don't look in the Flash Forums

Q: I still think the best method is to make a blacklist of URLs and make a code.
A: Hey, If that is best for you be my guest.
AS: Copy Protection
AS: Specific Anti-Theft Protection

Q: How do you suppose you'll stop people from decompiling and just taking it out?
A: Right now most of the rippers are lazy or don't know how to do that, but I'll try to figure out something.

Q: What keeps people from uploading it with the watermark in there?
A: Nothing really, but what it will do is make people realize that "Hey, I love this person's work maybe I should go visit Newgrounds to see more". The Watermarks are there tell Youtube users that this movie belongs on Newgrounds and gives them the hint that if you wanna see more. Visit Newgrounds.

Q: What happens if you use it in a Black Background
A: It is explained in the .fla file and you can just tint the symbol."

Q: Anyone knows how to watermark"
A: Yeah, of course although this would help keep watermarks consistent and the graphic symbols in my watermarks aren't alpha through the symbol, but rather the color itself so you can still use tint, brightness, and all those other Color options.

Q: Rippers use video capturing cameras that let you choose what part of your screen you want to record.
A: Not many people want to see partly cutoff animations.

Q: I say put your contact info, website as well as a link to Newgrounds at the beginning and at the end of the animation.
A: Rippers would just take those parts out!

Q: I hate the way the watermark is position and where it is located
A: You can change the position of the watermark and location.

Combating TheftTube from stealing content

Posted by samsonloftin - September 16th, 2007

I was bored and decided to calculate how long it takes to get to Level 60 by voting...

I re-calculated the numbers correctly and now it matches up with the level. Although the weird thing is that the total time it takes to get to 60 rose even though the number of days on each level dropped. So I guess I must have not been entering all the days the first time I calculated it...

Anyways this is a really good estimate!

--My Math--
Level 59
37,340 - 38,639(You need to round because you can't get an odd number of Experience)
If I subtract those it equals
1300 then divide it by 10(because you get 10 exp per day)
Which that equal to
130 days and that is the answer...

10exp per day

Level 1: 2 Days
Level 2: 3 Days
Level 3: 4 Days
Level 4: 8 Days
Level 5: 10 Days
Level 6: 11 Days
Level 7: 15 Days
Level 8: 16 Days
Level 9: 19 Days
Level 10: 21 Days
Level 11: 24 Days
Level 12: 25 Days
Level 13: 28 Days
Level 14: 30 Days
Level 15: 32 Days
Level 16: 34 Days
Level 17: 37 Days
Level 18: 39 Days
Level 19: 41 Days
Level 20: 43 Days
Level 21: 45 Days
Level 22: 47 Days
Level 23: 49 Days
Level 24: 52 Days
Level 25: 54 Days
Level 26: 56 Days
Level 27: 58 Days
Level 28: 61 Days
Level 29: 64 Days
Level 30: 66 Days
Level 31: 68 Days
Level 32: 70 Days
Level 33: 72 Days
Level 34: 74 Days
Level 35: 76 Days
Level 36: 78 Days
Level 37: 81 Days
Level 38: 83 Days
Level 39: 85 Days
Level 40: 87 Days
Level 41: 89 Days
Level 42: 91 Days
Level 43: 94 Days
Level 44: 96 Days
Level 45: 98 Days
Level 46: 101 Days
Level 47: 104 Days
Level 48: 106 Days
Level 49: 108 Days
Level 50: 110 Days
Level 51: 112 Days
Level 52: 114 Days
Level 53: 116 Days
Level 54: 118 Days
Level 55: 121 Days
Level 56: 123 Days
Level 57: 124 Days
Level 58: 126 Days
Level 59: 130 Days
Level 60: 132 Days (If pattern continues?)
3981 Days = 569 Weeks = 142 Months = 11.8 years

If I calculated something wrong please tell me. I would like some to double check my work.