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Comments (15)

What a pathetic name!

Sam Serious Stone

Triple S

hmmm....pretty intersting name...
tho tbh, i prefer Hylian-Mafia but im sure this will grow on us...

It better!!!! lol

sam I am is such a gay name



I was going to cry....lol

Who is Gus???

I am not sure...I've tried talking to him, but he just doesn't want to talk. Hopefully he will tell me what's going on and why he is infecting my user/banner/avatar images.

I prefer Samlam.
The only trouble, is maybe editing a few submissions so that you are actually credited with your new name. Otherwsie you will get floods of stupid "YOU STOLE THIS" messages.

Well I was able to change my older submissions and replace Hylian-Mafia with Samson Loftin because it seemed to be more appropriate at the time. Although collabs that I participated in is a different story with the name.

I agree with DWT...I liked Hylian better.

Meh, I'll get used to it.


You just need to get yourself comfortable with SamIam because even though Hylian rolls off the tongue really smoothly. I just enjoy having SamIam as my username.

In my post above I wrote
SamLam. Not Sam I Am.

I think I still like this better though

Wait you like SamLam or Sam I am lol.

and why is it a caterpillar, are you a caterpillar?

Am I that caterpillar. No
Why is it a caterpillar. Not Sure
How he got ahold of my account. The world may never know

To be honest I liked more hylian mafian, but Samlam (for some strange reason), suits you and it's very good :)

BTW I saw your post in P-bot's thread and I agree, NG gets the same bullshit everyday:

- awesome movies
- porn
- overrated or/and overused series

Yea, I would agree with you it suits me more.

As for the posting, it is something we can't stop, I mean I like the awesome series and stuff, but they just get way too overrated with is one of the reason why I don't want to create an awesome flash.

I mean't I like SamIam better than Hylian.

But I quite possibly like SamLam even more than SamIam...

SamLamb and Goat-Man and Frozen Sheep lol a whole family of Sheeps/lambs/goats.

Oh lol

I thought it was Sam Lam. Hahaha..

Anyway tom changed my name to just Frozenfire instead of Matt-Frozenfire.. he had to get rid of an inactive sprite lover to do it so ;D one love.

Yea, well once people see the logo it should be clear that it says Sam I am instead of SamLam.

Just one day you'll have this sprite lover saying you know what I'm going to check up on my old account and WAM!!! He finds his account taken right from under him so you can have a new alias and I did the same thing and I feel pretty good. Although the person didn't have any favs or submissions and wasn't active since 2000.

Matt Damon

He was Bourne with that Identity he can't change that.

yeah, i also thought it was SamLam.

Well in the logo you can see that it is an I (Eye) instead of a L . Right?

I hope so...