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Hydroelectric Documentary

Posted by samsonloftin - April 28th, 2008

Woah, never would have thought this school project would have gotten a Daily First and Frontpage. It is my first Daily 1st and first front page submission so thanks to everyone who was voting. Anyways the animation was originally suppose to be a live-action Documentary on the Pros of Hydroelectricity, but being the lazy person I am. I decided to postpone the filming so my Multimedia teacher comes up to me and tells me to animate this Hydroelectric documentary. So I do and he submits it to a film festival which I get the results this Friday May 2nd and I submit it into Newgrounds.

Hydroelectric Documentary

Now I was surprise to see so many people enjoying an educational animation even though this documentary was all about the Pros and not the Cons of Hydroelectricity. So this will give me more motivation to work more on my next education flash. The Hindenburg which will be a historical animation about The Hindenburg although this animation won't be serious it will be more of a historical comedy. With a storyline and all that jazz.

On an unrelated note, I recently went to go see Forbidden Kingdom and let me tell you it was awesome and I highly suggest checking out Robert Winchester's new flash I hate MAC ads one of the best PC vs Mac parodies.

Below is an picture of The Hindenburg. You may notice swastikas on the tail fins of The Hindenburg because the Nazi Party helped fund the construction of The Hindenburg because Hugo Eckener need the money to finish building this creation.

Hydroelectric Documentary

Comments (8)

Those Nazis are a willy bunch ;)

Silly Nazis....

Good job on the frontpage =)

Good luck on the hindenburg.

second comment.

I just saw the flash you made and it was very good quality. Congratz, what'd you get as a grade? I know you said you'd only do the positives, but I felt (and apparently many of the reviewers felt) that the cons should have also been shown. And the wind farms audio was just silly. But kinda funny, too...

I look forward to the animation about teh hindenburg.

Those bastard Nazis...

Well, I haven't gotten it on paper, but I am pretty sure I got an A my teacher loves it. Yeah, I had making this excuse, but my teacher wanted me to just place Pros and not cons.

dammit! sorry, apparently 3d comment. I'll get you for this leet ninja =__=

Good on you! Certainly puts all my high school work to shame...

Oh man, it feel just like yesterday I signed up for NG and me and you were equals just havin' fun screwin' 'round in flash. Now here we are a lil' over a year later and ya got yourself 4 good trophies to be proud of and 1 fine one and a growing series I'm proud of.
Time's a funny thing eh? Oh well, NG has been good to us... rough at time, but good.


What an odd little plug you did there, heh. Thanks for that, man, it's appreciated. Good luck with your hindenburg animation. Rob was here! HERE!

Oh hey, congratulations on that front page.