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I just bought stuff from the NG Store!

Posted by samsonloftin - May 14th, 2008

3 days ago I hop on my computer one day and decided to buy items from the store. So I bought a Tankmen: Tank Chase shirt and a Tankmen figure waited 3 days and the package finally arrived . Woo yea me I ripped it open and discovered another box with a shirt under it and found a tankload of those package peanut things. Anyways I opened the other box and found a Tankmen figure and let me tell you it is pretty awesome although I didn't really like the platform the figure was standing on. So I took it off and now I have Sergeant John Captain standing on my computer desk staring at me. My money was well spent. =)

Film Festival Award
Some may have heard that my teacher submitted my Hydroelectric Documentary in a film festival a month ago. Well I finally recieved the results and I won in Environmental Excellence so my animation will be featured in the winners reel dvd and amazingly I'm the first person at my school to win an award at the film festival so I was excited.

I have been slacking on movie watching. So I constructed a list of movies I want to see this month.

Forbidden Kingdom (Saw it and it was awesome )
Speed Racer (It looks like the movie ruined the series, but I am going to find out on my own)
Iron Man (Sadly, I haven't seen it yet)
Indiana Jones (Almost out)
88 Minutes (The one with Al Pacino)

Other News
Not working on any animations because I am preparing for my final which is coming up soon.

Group Picture which features Tankmen Figure Platform, Captain, My award, and stickers.

I just bought stuff from the NG Store!

Comments (13)

you have NO IDEA how badly I want a tankmen toy. and Im 17 years for gods sake

can I call you if i ever need voice acting?


Fuck. I want a Tankie so bad. :C But I also want a Wooden Mannequin and a Cintiq. I need to fucking settle down.

lol I would die to have a Cintiq too.

Also You got third place in the collab!
And since you Did god you get a spot in the Credits :D

Woot! When is the collab going to be released?

nice job buddy

Thanks, and of course awesome job designing the figure.

Sweet, my Captain came in last Monday. Wow, 9 days ago already.
They kick ass hey?

Congrats on you award in the festival too!
What film festival was it?

Thanks, and the Tower of Youth is the film festival it is a school film festival so instead of entering it individually you enter it with your school.

Yes, Captain does kick major ass!

Whenever Daj, Kartune Hustla, and Rtil finish.
Rtil and Daj started later though, and Kartune is making an Indie Film on a 10K Budget so I dunna when they will finish.

Oh ok

congrats on the film festival.

88 minutes wasn't that good :/

Thanks, it wasn't oh well still going to check it out.

lulz u r 5kamm3d


Buy me something :(

I would, but then if I do I'll keep it for myself lol

Thats a pretty awesome collection there, And I wonder who came up with the idea for the Speed Racer movie... Seriously :\.

And congrats on that award... it looks awesome :D

Wachowski brothers the creators of the Matrix and Thanks

This tankmen is just a plastic man ?
It looks nice, but is this heavy or no ?
I want him !
And some t-shirts, but money. :/

I don't know if you call it plastic because it is soft maybe some type of soft plastic or something not sure. and it is extremely light.

things are looking really good 4 u. I personally have never thought of buying stuff fom the store but after seeing on the awesome gear you got there, im starting to reconsider.... :P

also, GREAT job on the film festival, i really wanna enter one (i dont think my county does any) and see how good my animations are against others types of films

Thanks, you should try looking around on the internet for local film festivals.