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Castle Crashers is Blasphemy!

Posted by samsonloftin - September 23rd, 2008

Mega64 + Castle Crashers =

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No seriously, it is a great game even though I don't have a 360 =(

Comments (22)

Stop making stupid video front page posts!

Some People look TOO much into the Game.

The Game was BASED on ANYTHING historical

It's pure Fantasy...plain and simple.

These two are also being Extremely Bias

Castle Crashers based just as much on the Crusades as Zelda.

It's just a Fantasy Game.

You come down on Castle Crashers...your comming down on EVER Single Fantasty Game out there...even the games actually BASED on the Crusades.

The Fat Guy claims he's from Harvard....


If your History is sooooo great...you should know that all the things in Castle Crashers isn't based on ANY portion of HISTORY what so ever.

Sure it has Knights....but this game also has Aliens.

You two have just made Complete Fools of yourselves.

Lol seeming as your taking this seriously....It was made by Mega 64

JakBaron Looks TOO much into Mega64 Looking TOO much into the game.

Wow 4 posts.

ALSO FUCK THAT WAS GREAT. It's great to know Dan lives close to a gay pedophile bathhouse. I bet that was the number 1 reason for choosing the location ;)

Also CC is a great game and I am glad Mega64 did a parody on it.

Bathhouse Crashers!

So...Mega 64 is making Asses of themselves on Purpose?

huh...I didn't know people actually did that.

Sorry for getting Frazzled then. (^^);

No problem, and yes they are great at making asses of themselves!

I fucking love mega 64 ..hah

When the guy mentions the gay pedophile whore bathhouse-

is he pointing at the Behemoth studio?

you guys are fuckin stupid lol it was a joke, this was funny good shit Mega64

Guys? It was only one guy...

The awesome thing about this video is THAT WAS A REAL BUM THAT INTERUPTED THEM. Like he totally just showed up and made the skit 100x more awesome by actually being crazy.

Haha, usually when something like that happens people just shut off the camera or edit it out, but the great thing about Mega64 is that they don't stop recording because it is just damn good footage! I agree the "bum" made the video so much better. Add him as an unlockable CC character lol.

This made me lol. Seriously, I am now sure of why Dan lives there. He is such a sly dog.

Tom, is there REALLY a gay pedophile bath-house around the behemoth?

And that was some grade-A funny shit right there.

That was pretty funny. I must say these guys aren't be totally serious, but that homeless guy was. That was so great.

Old news.

Already been posted on the BBS.

Who ever posted it beat me to the punch.

That was the greatest thing ever.

hahaah wow... I love crazy ppl... the "bum" I mean, obviously Mega64 were messing around.

P.S. dan is short. poor bastard

that bum has huge moobs :c eww

pedophile gay whorehouse run by newgrounds

The Origins of Cock jokes!

I love Dan's reaction to the questions, especially the first. It made me laugh.

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