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Quantum of Solace

Posted by samsonloftin - November 15th, 2008

I'm a big Bond fan, and this movie hasn't disappointed me except for....well let me list them off.

Nice intro, but I wasn't much of a fan of the song that went with it. Although the beginning of the song was pretty cool.

Wasn't as strong as the other Bond films and it was somewhat forgettable.

That was about it for what I didn't like about the movie, however that didn't matter as much because the action sequences in the movie kept you on the edge of your seat. The movie was action-packed from beginning to end, well not really but it felt like most of the movie was filled with action sequences. Anyways excellent movie, really suggest everyone to go out and watch it.


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Quantum of Solace Bond Girl
Real name is Olga Kurylenko

Quantum of Solace

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I saw that last night, I am no action movie fan, but I thought it was alright.

That beginning car chase was kinda cool.

This Bond movie they seemed to substitute story for more action, but the action sequences were well done so everyone would be able to enjoy them even if they aren't action movie fans. The Car Chase was really face pace camera angles changing every 5 seconds.

True the movie had no "blatent" storyline; but thats kind of the genius of it. Looking at it; its a mirrored plot, and the overarching theme shows an evolution of the James Bond franchise. I don't want to give too much away, but if you look at it again, you should be able to see what I mean. The only downside is its a little preachy with the oil issue; but then again, the people that could see that and take note are probably the ones that understand the heart of the oil issue. Other than that, it makes a fine addition to the bond franchise...and Olga Kurylenko is smoke'n hot. Like, even if you didn't like the movie, you can't deny the girl.

Yeah, you are right about the theme. Although after having like 20 Bond Films that had a strong story it is hard to see a Bond film that sets itself apart from the average Bond film. Just like Casino Royale.

Olga is the sexiest Bond girl in the Bond franchise in my opinion.

Awesome I wan't to see it now. plus that girl is sexy looken!

Indeed she looks amazingly sexy.

I also forgot to mention.


This is suppose to be a more younger Bond without the Gadgets something like that.

The movie felt like nothing more than a drawn out ending for Casino Royale. James in this movie seemed more fueled by his emotions than normal. He worked too hard for revenge, and he lost his trademark suave attitude. I understand this is a supposed to be a younger more confused Bond, but it worked waaaaaaaay better in the first movie.

I have high hopes for the next movie though. Having tied up the loose ends and loosing his irrational thought process, we should expect a more Conery/Brosnan style character in the next movie. And that's a great thing. All we can do is hope is that they don't screw it up again.

tl;dr: James Bond isn't Jason Bourne. And it was kinda short too.

The movie was around 2 hours, anyways you are right the younger more confused Bond worked better in Casino Royale, but in this movie I think the directors wanted to change the average Bond to something more darker. A side of Bond you haven't seen which I think is pretty great although your right about the suave attitude, but like I said the Director wanted to take Bond in a different direction.

shes no hot


She is too!

I just watched it about two hours ago.

In a nutshell, I agree with you completely.

=D Someone who completely agrees with me. Amazing action, forgettable story, sexy Bond girl.

I was just discussing this with my friend who went to see the movie with me about an hour ago. You pretty much took the words right out of my mouth.

The intro was cool except for the song.
The story was pretty bland.
The action was amazing.

haha I stole your words =D

i appreciated the not-so-subtle goldfinger reference in the movie. for those who saw it and don't know what i'm talking about, get some freakin' culture.

oilfinger....Although the girl died in Goldfinger when they coated her with gold paint.

The movie kick serious fucking ass, I was not disappointed the slightest bit and it has definitely beaten the shit out of the recent past Bond films. Daniel Craig was the perfect man for being Bond.

Kick Ass movie!

I agree that the song was weak, but I've seen weaker storylines, so that didn't bother me as much,

If the action sequences weren't so awesome, and Olga not so damn sexy the storyline would probably have bothered me a whole bunch.


Are you speaking in past tense using present tense words cause the movie came out Nov 14.

Hey, it's Jack White.

I really hated this intro. Casino Royale had a fantastic one which was really creative and imaginative but this one was just bullets through sand, jolty graphics, the song was bad as you said and it simply just didn't look any good.

Yea although the nude sand women were a plus in the intro =D

i thought it was pretty sweet, i usually hate bond movies.

Hate is a strong word....Use it wisely!

hey sam if its suposed to be a "younger" bond without gadgets like u say y theres the old lady M eh? before it was a guy and she apeared to replace him and i couldnt see the intro cuz when i entered the theatre the movie allready started

Not sure why there is an old M, but the younger Bond was the intention when creating Casino Royale.

His girl he got in the end was fine.

Indeed =D

I like how Jack plays the drums better than Meg. Hahaha

this was a dissapointment to me. All I have to say (I could go into a huge rant but I won't) Is I payed 10.00 for 20 minutes of blur, and the evil villains scheme was to steal water............In bolivia.

(I'm sorry but that is the shittiest evil plan that can possibly be concieved of!)

They had the budget, they had the talent. And the money. I just wanted to see a bond movie! There was little snappy dialog, no gadgets (that was ecxpected). and the part with bond walking through the desert with the huge freaking gun DIDN'T HAPPEN! THE TRAILER AND POSTERS LIED! however judi dench was great and the animated opening was spectacular. but that just can't forgive its flaws.

and unless I forgot WATER IN BOLIVIA!

Haha, I am stealing your water.......


Yeah I would have to agree that an evil scheme involving stealing water in Bolivia isn't a great evil plan. Nuking Bolivia, or spreading a horrific disease who have been a better story.

i might watch it i like bond movies not the biggest fan and i don't like the song that much either it sounds too diffirent than the original more of a rap i don't like rap that much

The beginning part of the song with the instrumental sounds like the song is going to be good and then it just dies from there.

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