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Pretty Fun!

Wow....I upgraded everything and now I find out I can use the A and D keys to balance. Anyways the game was fun, but you need to make the end a bit closer and maybe detect a double backflip/frontflip. Anyways overall fun game wish it had some medals.

Noodle responds:

Wow, that must have taken forever to do anything without balancing your ship!!!
And the game is supposed to detect multiple flips. Each flip will be worth 50. Works for me atleast.


The game is amazing the randomness of the questions really makes it impossible to memorize the answers which is excellent and the way the game is set up really feels like a Trivial Game Show. People are whining about how hard it is, or because their knowledge doesn't expand that wide. So they give this submission a low score. Which is ridiculous just because it's too hard doesn't mean it sucks. Anyways Best Quiz game I've ever played nicely done!

Awesome Game

This game was extremely fun and it was very unique how you had to upgrade every bit of the game inorder to actually achieve the Good Ending. Nicely Done!


The game was easy to learn and original. I had a great time playing it even though the game was a bit on the easy/medium side. Anyways nicely done!

Woo 10,000km

Great gam, the art and controls were very simple which made the game alot more enjoyable. Who would have guessed! Nice work!


That preloader is pretty damn sexy anyways the game is pretty fun still need to win some medals!

Orgasm anyone?

This game was awesome, I really loved Castle Crashing the Beard and now being able to play a game that is actually longer than CCB with similar gameplay mechanics was enjoyable. The art was great and it was nice to beat you a bunch of Newgrounds Users :D Take that Luis!

Woah, don't drop my idol!

I really liked how the idols in this game held different traits like the Sun Idol rolls anyways this game was alot better than the 1st one more unique levels and a bit challenging. On level 16 I beat it and waiting 3 seconds for the next level and my Idol fell and I had to restart the level. It wasn't a bad thing, but I thought it was pretty funny. Awesome Game!

Thank you! :3

This was awesome, thanks Paperbat for organizing this and thanks to everyone else who participated you guys are awesome, I did really enjoy Fede's picture he drew me better than me lol =D


I'm a pain =D Changing my username!

The sketchbook turned out amazing, and The Swain did an excellent job voicing did like the little comments he added in there. I was surprise Tom did make anything this year, but nice job compiling it Luis. Sketchbook keeps getting better and better. What was with the Newgrounds Block Smash so random, but fun. =D Also nice job with the programming El-Presidente. I hope to see a Sketchbook 09.

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