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This game was extremely enjoyable to play and the variety of bots you had to beat was pretty cool although once you were able to beat the Sumo guy easily. Money seemed to just roll into your pocket like crazy and it was super easy to upgrade. Maybe should have lower the Prize money or upped the cost of the final upgrades, but overall this game was a ton of fun.


Running around as Santa killing Zombies...It can't get any better although you should have made fictional weapons that relate to Santa Claus.


Who ever thought that weed could be used as health packs. Nice game although it was kinda of easy you should place less health packs or atleast make the enemies a bit more stronger, but besides that I enjoyed the game. =D

TheCriminalDuder responds:

Enemies stay the same strength sadly, but their pattern is different each time as its a random pattern. :P
Items are different each time you play too.


Seriously, you really need some major help, they will help you get through your problems. So something like this will never happen again.


If everyone were to watch this tutorial and use the techniques taught in the Sprite movies would be absolutely much better. I learned quite a few things like the crouch jump and tween between movements like Luigi crouching instead of having a picture of Luigi standing and then the next frame is with Luigi crouching. Nice job Paperbat and Basspro!

Pretty fun

Not only did I get a virtual tour of the office, but I had to get the staff and others together for a giant party. Awesome game


Graphics were nice, and the coding was well done although the jumping for Hank felt like NG Rumble, but it the game was fun.

I beta tested! Woo

The game is amazing. The perspective switch is very very inventive, The graphic were very well done and the game is probably one of the best platformers around. I really hope to see more games like this in the future!

Phantasmagor responds:

WOW! Thats a very big statement "One of the best"! Lilg and I are taking a break from platform games for a while but maybe we will release some more games like this in the future.

Unexpected game release!

Didn't think you guy would make Solarsaurs 2 anyways awesome job. I did like the variety of levels you got to go through and throw your dinosaurs around...Although there is one problem with the game Camp fire in the middle of a raining camp site! Anyways overall the game was really fun with the new levels although it had same gameplay I was hoping for something more extra added into the gameplay like a new way of launching the dinosaurs.

Too easy!

THe game was a bit enjoyable, although very simple and got really repetitive, although what bothered me the most was the run cycle wasn't a smooth loop when his knees were bent they kind of jerked a bit. I would suggest for Orange Runner 2. That the character's run cycle change as you speed up to make it feel like he is running fast and not the background. Also make the game harder the 1vs1 races were very simple.

Maxwelldoggums responds:

ok, I'll work on that. Thanks!

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