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The game was unique much different from other quiz game because you added the "Testing Lab" element where it made the player feel like they were being tested for some science experiment. Although I would have to say the quiz portion was very weak, but the testing element with after you answering a question. You'll add a response to what someone chose although you kinda running the element of feeling like your being tested with the Ahh screw it, could have ended it better. Anyways well done!

K-Guare responds:

Maybe it will end better...
in a sequel?!
Lol probably not.
But i'm glad you liked it,
An eerie feel was what i was aiming for.
Thanks for reviewing :D


First off, the Pico Day Preloader remade to be Eddsworld preloader was amazing so awesome job. The music in the game was amazing. The game was really fun it remembers me of target practice games.

Not a bad game

It was quite enjoyable, although the gravity was set to low needed to make the gravity in the game heavier.

In all honesty

Yes, the art is amazing, Jeff you are an amazing artist expecially liked your work with the NG 07 Winter theme. Although I'd wish there was some music or some extra features, but the art was good, but making it into a flash version wasn't that great.


I'll start with the pros the game was very unique, I really haven't seen a game like this on Newgrounds ever so that was a plus and the game also had amazing graphics as well as the little animations in the grid and the music was fit very well with the game although the game wasn't that enjoyable, the grid was a bit hard to see and the game was pretty easy.

Better than the first!

Speechless, this game is amazing. First Shift 3 and now Pandemic 2 this day gets better by the second.


I've seen this on Armor games a few days ago and was wondering when it would hit Newgrounds. Awesome Job

The-EXP responds:

Thanks man :D

Bill Gates Woot

This was an amazing game it was fun playing as Bill Gates and killing Steve Jobs. I wish each character had more diverse attacks.

BR is doing everything

This game is great. I liked how you implemented customization and different characters you can play as when you progress through the game. The controls were easy to learn and the music was amazing and of course the graphics were perfect as always. Once again the Super Flash Brothers have created another great game. I can't wait for Blue Rabbit's Plumbing Adventure!

Very nice

The game was very inventive and fun. The Balance mechicnism was flawless. The game was pretty simple although The last two was a bit difficult, but that was really good. The levels were very inventive

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