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Ballon Fight?

I enjoyed playing it. The game reminded me of Ballon fight which was pretty cool just didn't know that the similing happy goldfish would deadly, but who cares. This game was fun to play feels like a remake a ballon fight just the style of it, but I enjoyed it.


I liked it the only problem is how long the transitions take. Like transiting from Menu to how to play and stuff.

XceeD responds:

Thanks for the review! I was thinking about shortening the transition too, except I forgot each time I finished testing. Sorry about that. I'll be sure to shorten it if I release a second version!


The game was pretty difficult then I started to get use to the controls and it became easier. Wish it didn't take so long to retry once you hit something you wait 1 min till you can retry.


The game was fun the graphics were good and the characters synced in with the beat. I liked it good job.

Truly Amazing

That was completely amazing loved the mysterious feeling of the game and the mini interrogation game. It was worth the wait for this game. The art was amazing and they way you use the hidden clues was amazing. And the murder all that time was ___________. This game is awesome great job .

Throwing Dinosaurs into space!!!

New Super Flash Brothers and unexpected game to be released!! Dim, I don't know how you can Tom come up with these ideas. Throwing Dinosaurs in space?

Anyways great game I had real fun throwing dinosaurs around the solar system...I hope God isn't too mad about destroying the solar system!

*This is probably Dim and Tom's theory about how Dinosaurs became extinct!

Pretty good game!

I wouldn't call it the best...The controls were pretty hard until you got use to them. The extras should have been animated....but I do think Will & Co should just stick to movies...Don't think they are cut out for games....Maybe an action adventure, RPG?

DAGamesOfficial responds:

thanx for 7. I really should have made a practise room so you could get the hang of it! and I wanted to put this on as soon as possible, so I didnt get time to animate :S. And ye I will stick to cartoons for now. More coming soon.

PS: Maybe the action adventure, RPG would be quite good for T.B.O.N.R.P :P

Great Tutorial!

I only think tutorials need Style, Interactivity and sound..... But anyways this is truely a good tutorial...Hey it helped me alot...Great Tutorial..!

Another great Zebra game!

James is back and in the circus...IN a way it reminds me of Sonic when you collect the animals..Well great job on the game it was fun and enjoyable...


It was funny I started to play the game and wondered when I bought this game and then I'm like oh yeah it is a flash game...It reminds me of Time Crisis, Resident Evil, Doom...The VOs were great..

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