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Love it!

The game is not only well built and designed, but having JohnnyUtah voice the creator is brilliant. It brings humor to a somewhat difficult game.

3D-xelu responds:

haha thanks :D glad you liked it :D


Fun game although I wish I could keep that badass Lion head for ever.

test-object responds:

You got the medal, you can always revisit it :3

Pretty Fun!

Wow....I upgraded everything and now I find out I can use the A and D keys to balance. Anyways the game was fun, but you need to make the end a bit closer and maybe detect a double backflip/frontflip. Anyways overall fun game wish it had some medals.

Noodle responds:

Wow, that must have taken forever to do anything without balancing your ship!!!
And the game is supposed to detect multiple flips. Each flip will be worth 50. Works for me atleast.


Who ever thought that weed could be used as health packs. Nice game although it was kinda of easy you should place less health packs or atleast make the enemies a bit more stronger, but besides that I enjoyed the game. =D

TheCriminalDuder responds:

Enemies stay the same strength sadly, but their pattern is different each time as its a random pattern. :P
Items are different each time you play too.

I beta tested! Woo

The game is amazing. The perspective switch is very very inventive, The graphic were very well done and the game is probably one of the best platformers around. I really hope to see more games like this in the future!

Phantasmagor responds:

WOW! Thats a very big statement "One of the best"! Lilg and I are taking a break from platform games for a while but maybe we will release some more games like this in the future.

Too easy!

THe game was a bit enjoyable, although very simple and got really repetitive, although what bothered me the most was the run cycle wasn't a smooth loop when his knees were bent they kind of jerked a bit. I would suggest for Orange Runner 2. That the character's run cycle change as you speed up to make it feel like he is running fast and not the background. Also make the game harder the 1vs1 races were very simple.

Maxwelldoggums responds:

ok, I'll work on that. Thanks!


The game was unique much different from other quiz game because you added the "Testing Lab" element where it made the player feel like they were being tested for some science experiment. Although I would have to say the quiz portion was very weak, but the testing element with after you answering a question. You'll add a response to what someone chose although you kinda running the element of feeling like your being tested with the Ahh screw it, could have ended it better. Anyways well done!

K-Guare responds:

Maybe it will end better...
in a sequel?!
Lol probably not.
But i'm glad you liked it,
An eerie feel was what i was aiming for.
Thanks for reviewing :D


I've seen this on Armor games a few days ago and was wondering when it would hit Newgrounds. Awesome Job

The-EXP responds:

Thanks man :D


I am speechless....This was Perfect!

Depredation responds:

Hehe, thanks for the review, and the 10 ;D.

Another Amazing Job

Again! I am impressed. The animated cutscene were really nice to see and well animated. The overall game quality was amazing don't know how you do it, but you are just amazing!

Krinn responds:

That's a great idea I think I will quickly fix that and patch it in. Thanks for the suggestion!

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